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Computer Finance

Computer equipment finance is one of Geared's main areas of focus. Geared can provide your business with a streamlined facility to finance computer equipment for your business. We can offer computer finance, desktop computer finance, laptop finance, server equipment finance and for all of your IT needs. Whether you require a Chattel Mortgage, Rental, Finance Lease or Commercial Hire Purchase - we can provide you with a very competitive facility so that you can be up to date with all your computer finance needs.

Keeping your computer equipment up to date is a critical aspect of making sure that your business maintains efficiency within the workplace and also its competitive advantage. For all levels of business & schools we have the solutions and options to allow you to obtain the computer equipment that you need now. We can suggest the most competitive and tax-effective form of finance to achieve those results. Geared provides finance facilities directly to our own clients and through a diverse network of computer equipment suppliers to finance through any supplier of your choice.

Computer equipment that we finance:

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Whether you need a Chattel Mortgage, Rental, Lease or Hire Purchase for your Computer Equipment we can provide a very competitive facility with quick approval and payment.

We work with streamlined commercial credit assessment processes that in many cases will avoid the need for financial statements and tax returns, with responses in a matter of hours.

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