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Vendor Finance Programs

Geared Asset Finance is a specialist Vendor Finance Partner for Suppliers of all Equipment types. We finance your customers rather than them having to pay cash for your equipment.

From the Vendors point of view - this is the same as a cash sale. Once finance is approved and documents have been signed with the client, you will receive full-payment for the supply of your products.

Geared has a wide-spread and longstanding portfolio of vendor partners who we have setup a finance program for so allowing them to successfuly use finance as a sales aid tool and significantly improve their sales.

We have vendor programs in the areas of:
How does a vendor finance program work?:
What are the benefits of a vendor finance program?

Skilled finance staff to manage your clients' finance

We have staff who are trained to use finance to secure your equipment sale. It's like having another sales member in your team.

We find that suppliers see are marked increase in their successful conversion of leads by utilising finance to solve the clients buying problem. Quoting a finance repayment also provides a clear means to present the month to month economic benefits of your equipment to the montly cost.

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